At 2010's Detroit Auto Show, the company I work for ( created both the Lincoln & Ford Press Reveal Shows. My task was to create the wall and floor energy that leads in the Focus footage and then crescendo's at the Ford Focus being revealed at center stage.

The pixel dimensions for the two screens were a combined 2700x3008 resolution output, with a physical size of 90ftx100ft for the floor screen and 36ftx90ft for the back wall.

To create the depth effect of the floor I devised a custom video perspective mapping technique to compensate for the floor screens similar perspective to the audience. This process utilized a combo of 3dsmax and AEcs3.

Artists Chris Wirth & Dan Land contributed through some graphic elements and resident 3d guru Mike Gregg laid out the block rotation set up. Matt Simecek created the singular screen pull effect. The 3d car and running footage was all done by Andy Tanguay on a Mac running 3dsmax as Darryl Bartlett put it all together on a AutoDesk Smoke.

This version of the event has been edited so that the effects can be viewed with more time to breathe it all in and study the effects created. Stay tuned for the original version as it played in real time.

Audio from the opening of a minimal set by DJ Mancini.

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