Still on how John plays on his own meter, comparing how 1Jn plays on John's Gospel meter. To see the play, one must analyse both the meter DOCTRINAL meaning, and TEXT. For you won't know you've parsed it rightly, if you don't have a puzzle-piece fit between the two. So this is to learn the Doctrine in the Meter, and to Audit what you think that meter is, all at once. Phenomenal stuff. If you have any doubts that God preserved His Word, this auditing will help dispel them. And in the process, alert you how to read BOTH John's Gospel, and 1John. Real shocker, actually.

Documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links: (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers)

For the first two links, you'll need to freely download Bibleworks fonts, as I've not yet learned how to use their Unicode conversions. Fonts are here: .

BEWARE: 1John and Revelation 'Meter Import' sections are very rough drafts; most of the editing in this latest revision are in the sections interpreting the meter. I have yet to upload the corrected Revelation dateline meter, which actually runs through verse 8, not merely verse 3. So the ending meter is 364, not 126. Even so, the video's analysis still stands.

In the other sections, I made a few small revisions to match. For example, now it's clear 1 John was written 4 Chislev, now that I'm sure of how he used his '21'. So Revelation ends up being written 'our' December 80 AD.

File Name: JM9Gosp1JnCompare.avi, 3/03/14.

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