President Obama misspelling 'Respect', tension between Ukraine and Russia escalating, and Ellen Degeneres' star-studded selfie were just some of the buzzing headlines this week. On Spreecast, it was a week full of purpose and passion, art and advice, and, as always, entertainment.

Here's our weekly refresh of the Top 10 Events of the Week!

#10. Brad Feld on Living a Centered Life with Lots of People.
#9. Chelsea Pearson: "Don't Hide Who You Are".
#8. Why the Academy Awards is Honored Above All Others.
#7. Olivia Somerlyn on Music and Beyond!
#6. Holly Branson on Visiting India and Kenya.
#5. Mia von Glitz and Matt Hitchens on Dream Venues.
#4. Donnie McClurkin on Overcoming Pain to Reach Success.
#3. Marshawn Evans: "Passion Without a Plan Equals Pain".
#2. When is the best time to build relationships with investors?
#1. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on Applying Stencil Paint.

Let us know what your favorite events or moments were this week on Spreecast in the comments below!

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