This short experimental video was realized by Carole Risler and Solène Veysseyre in Santiago de Chile. Our idea was born from the inspiration of an old industrial factory transformed into a curatorial space for artists in Santiago (ex-Factoría Italia).
The shape and the specific history of this transitory place prompted us to play with our perceptions of the verticality and horizontality of the city surroundings of Santiago, Chile (the cylindrical trunks of vertical palm trees, the skyline as landscape, etc.). This experimentation led us to take a micro-vision of the human organs of perception and expression - eyes and mouths - which add a human presence to the video.
The shots were filmed through a cardboard tube attached to the movie camera.
It was projected for the first time on to a public window, emphasizing the circularity of the perception given by the tube, at a cultural center at night (Mil M2).

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