Chief Motion Series: Jelito de Leon

Who are you?
-- Angelito Manuel de Leon

What do you do?
-- Photographer

Any pages on the web?

What are you passionate about?
-- I'm very passionate about photography. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of looking back at moments that only happen once. And it’s nice if you have something to look at. It just brings back the nice memories.

What are the top three things you want to do now?
-- Get my own place. Build my own studio. Travel around Asia.

Where do you want to travel?
-- Cambodia and Indonesia. I’ve always dreamed of going to Cambodia. I have always dreamed of seeing the Angkor Wat in person and I will make sure that will happen soon.

What makes an experience memorable to you?
-- I think it’s the story behind it. Nothing is going to be memorable if it’s just something you do everyday. It becomes memorable for me when it takes you out of your comfort zone or it is something you don’t do everyday.

What’s the most memorable experience you ever had?
-- One thing I’ll never forget is when we went up Mt. Maculot and for some reason, we did not hire a guide with us. So it was just me, my friend and her driver. We got lost on the way to the top and there was no one else climbing up the mountain. When we reached the peak, I instantly wanted to go down since it was going to get dark soon — and you don’t want to be lost in a mountain at night. Thankfully, we got down right before the sun went down.

What do you want to achieve?
-- One thing I’ve always wanted to achieve is shoot a cover for a magazine. But other than that, I would love to be able to work with people in different parts of the world and be able to make friends through working and traveling.

Words you live by?
-- Inspire and be inspired.

Lastly, do you have something that you regret not doing?
-- No, I don’t think I have any regrets.

Chief Inventory: Two Tone Day Shirt "Cadet Grey / Navy Blue"

Music: Odesza - How Did I Get Here

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