Currently the City of Providence is unable to manage all of the rain it receives. Every year, stormwater carries an unhealthy amount of pollution into our waterways and causes flooding in our streets and basements. Much of Providence's system of storm drains, catch basins and underground pipes hails back to the 19th century, when the city had far fewer buildings and much less pavement. Today, Providence has developed into a thriving city with around 180,000 inhabitants. As the city continues to grow, we need to search for new solutions that allow us to manage our stormwater while protecting our communities and environment.

This video was sponsored by the Rhode Island Land & Water Partnership ( Special thanks to Meg Kerr, Amie Parris, Holly Ewald and the Urban Pond Procession, the Rhode Island Foundation, Elizabeth Scott and the Division of Water Resources at Rhode Island's Department of Environmental Management, Sheila Dormody and the City of Providence's Office of Sustainability, Lorraine Joubert and the University of RI's Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials Program, Casey Dunn and the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University.

Animation by: Stephanie Yin

Music: "Brokenwater" by Melectric

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Check out for more information on green infrastructure solutions to stormwater problems.

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