This video is a shot-for-shot remake of the intro to the 1979-88 NBC sitcom "The Facts of Life." The original series was produced by Embassy Pictures and TAT Communications Company. We own nothing; this video is a fan tribute only. ( View the side-by-side comparison version at )

Bonus points if you can tell which character is saying "Wow, neat! A puppy!"

MRS. GARRETT - Tasha Brammer
BLAIR - Brittany Abbott von Spreecken
TOOTIE - Tina Hafzalla
NATALIE - Tiffany Louquet
JO - Miriam Calhoun

Director/Producer - Cory Calhoun
Editor - Ian Fraser
Wigs - Kim Dancy
Production Assistant - Charles Nelson
Catering - Alexandra Blouin

Additional Thanks:
Brittany (for the lights and tripod), Wiseman Appliances, the Queen Anne High School Condominiums, and Zeke. Everyone else we forgot? You know who you are, and you rock.

A Puppy Power Production

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