After Abed got out of the squishy baff (see my twitter feed from March 14 for more info @justinroiland) we went and watched Airplane two in my living room. While watching I began work on a total of four imovie trailers. Abed, Abbie, Alana, Jason, and myself would pause airplane two and watch these as I made them one by one. Please watch them in order!

This is the fourth and final trailer. As Abed's mounting anxiety about the true nature and origin of "Squishy Baff" began dominating his every thought, I quieted the room and turned everyone's attention to the TV. Abed once again was intensely focused on the trailer and as it slowly played out... this time is was speaking to him. Giving him the answers to the questions that had been bubbling up in his mind ever since the first trailer made it's debut.

We let him panic and freak out for a little bit, had a great laugh, and then calmed him down. It's fine. Non toxic fun.
Abed received two fantastic Lego sets as a reward for enduring our cruelty.
Thanks for enjoying these!

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