Urban K-Farmer has returned to gardening site in 2010 after working for equipment industry for over 15 years. He started to grow various plants with seeds and soils.
By doing that, he becomes feeling much more comfortable atmosphere. He has recognized the necessity of gardening spread out near his friends. His friends were also happy and he started giving lessons to the neighbors.
Now, he was forced to figure out how to make the gardening easier.
This is what he has brought the Hydroponic system.
Hydroponic is so easy and fantastic with our fountain system
Follow just three steps. You can enjoy your own healing hydroponics.

Find out what you wish to grow.
● Plants: Bokchoy(Chinese Lettuce), Lettuce, Koran Lettuce, Celery
● Fruit plants: strawberries, Tomato, Peppers, cucumber
● Flowers: Edible Herbs (Basil Herbs)

We provides you complete systems including the below.
● Water Motor
● Acrylic tubes
● Smart pots
● Led lights

How to grow your plants.
● Hydroponic seeds-germination with Grow Plugs
● Babe Plants with Jiffy-Pot Your hydroponics system will give you;

► Eco-friendly humidity controled space
► Pleasure of harvesting crops by yourself
► Your own Indoors green area atmosphere
► Fresh air surround your area
► Emotional stability with heeling from your stress Feature of the complete system
► Solid LED light source available
► Separate sunlight control at each floor
► Easy control nutrient amount
► Water circulation system with adjustable LED lighting control.
► Design for inside Building or House Specification
► Dimension: 500×500×1600 mm
► Tube material: Acrylic
► light source : Red & Blue LED
► Power requirement : Motor pump (220V), LED Dimmer(12V) (Power Adapter is required)

Contact for additional information:
company name: Yongin Cityfarmer Inc,
#201 DIPA, myungjiro 15-20, cheoin-gu, yongin-si, Korea 449-927
Tel : +82 31 888 8645
Fax : +82 31 888 8660
Cell : +82 10 8724 9587

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