A glassy day, no movement in he palm trees with only 5knts and less but i could not resist to go for a kite with the new Ozone Chrono 15m. The kite was barely flying on the beach but once on the water creating apparent wind the Chrono did his magic and performed amazing.

This was my first time ever i kited and had fun in less than 5knts.

My recommended Chrono sizes for 80kg guy:

18m with a Hydrofoil 4-10knts for 85+ kg guys. With 80kg or less I dont think you need a bigger size than 15m
18m with Raceboard 4-12knts
18m with Twintip Freeride 5-13knts

15m with a Hydrofoil 4- 13knts
15m with a Raceboard 10-15knts
15m with Twintip Freeride 10-16knts

12m with Hydrofoil 13-18knts
12m with Raceboard 14-20knts
12m with Twintip 12- 20knts

Dont worry be Happy Ozone Chrono

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