Unapologetic Burlesque Showcase: These are a few of our favourite things…an Unapologetic Burlesque Show and Fundraiser!
Filmed at: The Gladstone Hotel on March 16, 2014
Video footage kindly taken by: Meg 'Fenway' Black



Bring back the summer

When we sat under a willow tree that decided to adorn us with a white fluff
We would continue to find it in the most random of places for weeks on end
A gentle reminder
This made me smile every time
You know, that quirky side smile of mine
Usually followed by what you liked to call “side eyes”
Did you keep your crown? Because I kept mine

Bring back the summer

A soft cool breeze is coming off the water
It is being met by hungry eyes
Magnetism binds the nervousness of bumping knees
As you plunge a piece of driftwood into the gravel filled sand found at our feet
But soon a hypothesis is presented
Lips want to be kissed
“Meet me halfway” I ask
Lips don’t want to be missed
I’m left light headed
And you tell me, this right here is chemistry at its finest

Bring back the summer

One of the hottest days of the year
Where a Tesla Coil electrifies more than just the audience around us
As she sings that she’s going out hunting
We soon become the hunted
Your fingers come to rest entwined within these anvil hands
Anchorage amidst forest and sands
We stayed up all night…to get lucky

Bring back the summer

Pistachio gelato on the tips of our tongue
We move through the stillness
Tension wire strong
My touch leaving impressions
Left for desired lines
Soft voices rattle inside our minds
You get shy and that’s ok too
There was a shift that night
I thought you might have felt it too.

Bring back the summer

The one where I afforded myself love
A devoted desire for the Pisces I waited 31 years to find
Red waves for sad days are always on my mind

I’ll be the Cartographer trying to see this through
Will you illustrate the fine shrine
I have built here on the inside for you
You with a soft heart and a beautiful mind
I saw there was a storm brewing in those tender blue eyes
Because we are too much before we even know it and you are now hard to find.
You were right when you said I had so much going on behind these green eyes…
I lied

Bring back September

We stand side by side in a great hall
I want the simple things
To meet the cherry stain on your lips and hold you close
Who knew Ohbijou’s farewell would soon be our very own
So come on, come on
Let’s sing us an evening hymn
Because we are tender forever before we even know it

By: Maria Mete

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