OpenGL Game of Life, by Sergio Emilio Galindo Ruedas and Luis Hijarrubia Bernal (alphabetical order).

This is a demo reel of the project made for the Graphic Processors and Real-Time Applications subject during our master course studies at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

This is a GPU implementation of the famous Game of Life. It has been developed fully by us in C++, OpenGL and GLSL 3.3. The game runs on two passes, the first to compute the changes and the second to render, using the principles of framebuffer objects and Deferred Shading.

Firstly apologize for the video stops, we got some troubles with the video capture, but we assure this release runs perfectly well in real time.

We've been working in two optimizations of the basic 9 memory accesses per fragment of the game. The first one based on reducing the number of fragments on the first pass in order to achieve a significant increase of performance. The second one uses memory bilinear interpolation access to reduce the number of memory accesses per fragment.

In addition, we've worken on implementing the most famous rules for the game as well as some made of our own. Feel free to check them out in the video.

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