Hi, my names Adam from ASENT Data Cabling (datacablingadelaide.com.au) and in this video I'm going to talk to you about the Madison box.

What is a Madison? Well if you've ever had a problem with your phone you'll need to call up your telecommunications service provider, this could be Optus, Telstra - whoever it might be - and they'll run some tests. If they find something wrong they'll send out a technician.

Now when the technician gets to your house the first thing they're going to want to know is where is the Madison. So what is it? Well a Madison is the box where the cable from the street meets the cables from inside the house. Its kind of like the last point of entry without actually going inside the house.

Now the technicians need to know this so they can isolate the line and work out whether the problem is internal or whether its external. Madisons come in different shapes and sizes. There are four main ones that you'll come across.
On newer houses they tend to be rather large, grey, brown, rectangular shaped boxes that are usually within a metre or so of your power box. And there also normally at head or chest height.

Now in older houses, and of course this covers most houses in Australia, they are generally on the eve of the house. Now they can be the soap dish type which is oval, off-white coloured. They could also be the baker-lite type, which are circular and black - these are the really old ones. And then there's the ones known as the Luca box which are a white rectangular box. These are generally located on a wall somewhere not necessarily on the eve.

So there you have it: the Madison box - an important part of your telecommunications infrastructure and a good thing to know in case you need to know.

If you do have any further queries please email to Adam@asent.com.au or leave a message in the comments below.

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