Matryoshka , is a project spawned by engaged and experimental research through and about a
contemplative movement/performance practice we (THOi) have developed and call ‘witness’.

The video above is a compilation/documentation of our study in the spontaneous events/occurrence(s) of "being" during three seven minute impulsive "witness" sessions.

Throughout our creative endeavors as visual, film, and body based artists, we continue to find ourselves curious in the merging of our disciplines, and in the case of Matryoshka , we have a particularly inspiring focus on the role of our ‘witness’ practice in the commingle that is our creations.

Matryoshka is a Russian term for stacking or nesting dolls, a layered effect in ‘being’ - a constant exchange of
peeling off and putting on. We became fascinated by the image of witnessing our own layers occurring
simultaneously and how the visceral triggered a curious shift in perspective regarding our contrasting,
complimenting, and even contradicting selves.

‘Witness’ as a practice, is…
A time to see and be seen, to spit up and stir out. A place to bring all of our pieces, meet, rearrange, dissect,
expose, caress, deconstruct, observe, re-construct, ravage…be with them.
An embrace of our unknown(s), a heap of failures, an acceptance, an offering, a ritualistic platform for locating
content, and a journey through our expectations, resistances, and degrees of performativity in the event of
‘being’ in a generating body. Through active exploration, we formulate a space to dive the wreck of our creative
process(es), to explore here…the language of our breath, the information in our expression, our emotions as
motions, the impetus of our creation(s).

The project is conceived to exist as a video work and live performative installation, with the intention for the
performance to remain consistent with the essence of ‘witness’, always new, always fresh, always different,
always evolving…

Matryoshka research was conceived of, explored and documented in Elgin, TX @ The House of ia toward the end of our Sawyer Foundation Residency in May of 2013.

Original Music by:
Aus, Nicolas Jaar, Ta-ku, Normanji Temple and Dpat

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