Date: March 11. 2014
Ceremony: Arluis - White Arrow Chapel
Location: Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
Music: John Legend - All of Me

24 hours before the wedding, I got a call from a co-worker asking if I could attend a surprise wedding ceremony for Crystal. It quickly got me wondering how they were going to pull it off without her knowing. Crystal works for Arluis Wedding and was told a week ahead of time that the company needed a maternity bride shoot – it was a mock wedding. Since the boss asked her, she couldn’t say no. With only a week to plan, co-workers who love her dearly all helped to volunteer their time and efforts to make it all happen; for one memorable day that they would never forget. When the doors opened, everyone could see happiness in her eyes as if she was in a dream, and the whole room is filled with love in the air. The surprise was a success and it was all worth the wait.

Filmed handheld - gorilla style shooting… haha!
Special thanks to the whole Arluis family Enjoy and congrats Crystal and John!

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