World's 1st documentary of Vietnames puppetry, 4K 3D!

A farming village, that located north of Vietnam. The members that breeding pigs, raising cattles, doing rice farming of Farmer Troupe gathered. Their apperances looked like unsophisticated. But, when the showtime begins, they concentrate the manipulation behind the curtain. And then, wooden puppet comes to live and dance on the water. Thanhai Farmer Troupe is busy with not only farming but many performances.
Meanwhile, there is a Thang Long theater in Hanoi, a capital of Vietnam. Tourists that came from all over the world crowd in there, cause of seeing the unique water puppetry.
The Thang Long theater is the best National Drama Company of Vietnam that was affiliates excellent stage producers, puppeteers, musicians. Some of new members in Tang Long troupe regularly visit the Farmer Troupe. And they are learned the skill and spirit from farmer. That's the secrets behind the curtain.

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