IF we tackle tax dodging...

Across Ghana, around one in every four children is chronically malnourished, a condition that has long-term effects, inhibiting physical and mental development.

Children who go hungry each and every day start life at a disadvantage, struggling to concentrate in class and to develop the skills and knowledge they will need as adults to live a life free from hunger and poverty.

Recognising the need to address high levels of poor nutrition in its children, Ghana's government launched the Ghana School Feeding Programme in 2005. Through the programme thousands of school children receive a free lunch each day, attracting them away from working in the fields and into class.

The scheme has reached more than 50,000 children in Ghana's Northern Region alone, ensuring children like Lukman can go to school and receive one nutritious and tasty meal a day. But there are many more children -- like Sulemana -- who are not reached by the project and go hungry much of the time.

Ghana loses more than $36million through tax dodging in its mining sector alone. If Ghana could collect the taxes it is owed, it could raise enough to expand the scheme to reach many more children.

Visit christianaid.org.uk/ActNow/if-enough-food/stories-case-studies/ghana-send-education.aspx to find out more about Sulemana and Lukman's lives.

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