Reel Breakdown:
1. Texture Painting and Look Development for short animation film "Sleddin".
(2013 SIGGRAPH CAF Best Student Project Runners-Up, Accepted into 2013 New York City International Film Festival, 2013 Aurora Picture Show )
Tools: Maya, ZBrush, Renderman, Photoshope, Nuke

2. Industry Works:
(1) The Mill, 2013 Fall 3D Artist Intern:
Call of Duty: Ghost Trailer "Epic Night Out". Duties: Modeling, Texture and LookDevelopment for digital environment and assets. (part of the debris, and space assets)
Sony - Join Together. Duties: Lighting, Modeling, Texture and LookDevelopment for digital assets.(driver's helmet, part of the bacmono car, part of the spaceship and crushed ground)
Tools: Maya, Mudbox, Arnold, Nuke

(2) LAIKA/House, 2013 Summer Lighting and Look Development Intern: Honey Nut Cheerios, Must be the Honey - Office Remixed. Duties: Lighting and Look Development
Tools: Maya, MetalRay, Nuke

3. C++ Raytracer I coded for VIZA 656 (Spring 2013) Image Synthesis Class
(features includes: Lambert & Phong shading, Texture & Bump Mapping, Raytraced Soft Shadows, Specular & Glossy Reflection, Refraction & Translucent Effects, Iridescence Effects, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field)

4. Master Thesis WIP on Non-Photorealistic Render.
All shaders are developed in RSL (Renderman Shading Language)
(for more information on this project please visit:!my-thesis/cfo6 )
Tools: Maya, Renderman, Nuke

5. 'Ladybug' - Character Development(Design, Modeling & Look Development) for short film 'A Case of the Munchies'
(Summer Industry Project with DreamWorks Animation Studios.
Duties: Modeling, Surfacing and Lighting Lead in this group project.
Accepted into 2012 SIGGRAPH Dailies, full video:
Tools: Maya, ZBrush, Renderman, Photoshop, After Effects

6. 3D Illustration, Lighting and Mood Study (responsible for everything except some of the models)
Tools: Maya, ZBrush, Renderman, Photoshop, Nuke

7. 2D Arts

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