Donna Davis knew something was not right, but no one would listen to her.

Donna is a nurse and ambulance attendant whose career has spanned almost forty years. She comes from the town of Carievale, Saskatchewan and she is married with four children.

On November 21, 2012, I listened to Donna’s heart wrenching account of the terrible suffering she and her family endured in witnessing her son Vance die while their concerns and his deteriorating condition were seemingly ignored.

What can we learn from Donna’s experience? How can we ensure that patients and families are at the centre of health care?

Since I watched her presentation, I have contemplated ways in which to change our health-care system.

I wanted to create a model that could translate into plain words why our system is broken.

I wanted a model that would show why patients are getting harmed when they should not be.

I wanted to develop a model that would inspire a change.

This is my best attempt; I hope Donna will be pleased with this idea.

This video presents essay "On Board with Your Treatment", read by the author.


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The story of We AdVANCE:

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Dr. Tavares created the On Board Model inspired on what he learned in the books and training from Dale Carnegie / Dale Carnegie Programs, books from Harvard Negotiation Project, books on motivational interviewing and from books and training on cognitive behavioral therapy.

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