Humanity Online is a social enterprise developing an online social network that makes it easy for people to find the place to discuss the issues that matter to to them and to collaborate with others in identifying, designing and implementing solutions. We want to provide a way for regular people to contribute to a cause more than a +1, a Like, or a Retweet, and create an environment where all stakeholders are encouraged to work with one another, rather than doing their own thing or working against each other.

This crowdfunding campaign is dedicated to developing the first prototype. We are using an experimental iterative design approach in which the system evolves swiftly on the basis of rapid feedback cycles. This way we don't waste our time or your money on expensive systems that don't work!

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Script: Sholi Loewenthal, Kristina Donauskyte, Ayoub Khote, Mike Searle, Alistair Gardiner, Joel Crawley
Graphics: Kristina Donauskyte
Narration: Matthew Fuller
2.5D Editing: Matthew Fuller

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