Music by Taken By Cars - Intro + Uh Oh.

These video "chapters" were filmed and created with much energy + love in between the months of September '07 and January '08 by designcognito during a 4-month cross-cultural internship in the archipelago country of the Philippines.

You are viewing what has developed into an ongoing documentary project covering the topics of sustainable development, environmental issues, humanitarian design, social change, arts & culture, and conscious travel.

These visuals are meant to bring about awareness; to educate; and to give a personal perspective on an eye opening and life changing experience. It is meant to reach and communicate to a broad, diverse and global audience.

Through the powerful medium of film it is our goal to visually stimulate and positively inspire the minds of those who are not only interested, but also proactive in making a positive impact in the present world through enlightened creativity + movement.

In essence, these video clips are the beginnings of a story of change and a new way of living, thinking and seeing the world for the people of the Philippines.

designcognito is Alex Suvajac and Jonathan Igharas, two Emily Carr Institute industrial design students based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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