The installation consists of 14 pieces of 1’-6” diameter spherical objects. 12 pieces of them contain photographs of male nipples and the other two function as speakers. The photo parts grow slowly dimming up and down and the objects intermittently roll by themselves. From the speakers, the voices of people that are actually interviewed, are played. The types of voices vary, from telling their comments on male nipples to just laughing or fragments of words, etc.

Observing the recent political situation, I had been struck by the malfunctionality of human beings especially human males. Then, I found ‘male nipples’ would represent the meaninglessness in the trace of animality of us. ‘Male nipples’ are purely the useless toys of human desire. Then, I decided to dress up the male nipples with ‘fake’ fur and Styrofoam to make them ‘fake’ creatures.

faux fur, photography, polystyrene, etc.
dimensions variable, each spherical piece 1’-6” diameter

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