wedi presents the well designed wall drain Discreto for Fundo Riolito.

Fundo Riolito Discreto
The attractive wall drain with a first-class design

The timeless design of the wedi Fundo Discreto provides a whole new range of design possibilities. The brand new Fundo Riolito Discreto really does crown off the tried and tested Riolito system, in the truest sense of the word. As a simple attachment element, this clever innovation creates an attractive wall drain. The attachment element can be expanded in all directions. Whether it be as a seating area, storage space or a full wall panel, with these system components, design possibilities are endless. Perfection in design.

The perfect combination
We have developed the Fundo Riolito Discreto attachment element to perfectly match the Riolito floor elements.

100% waterproof to the core
The system, consisting of the Fundo Riolito floor element, the Fundo Riolito Discreto attachment element and wedi 610 adhesive sealant, is completely waterproof.

Precise slope
The specified slope is designed in the same way for all elements and does not have to be set up individually. The result? You save time when laying the elements and have better floor drainage.

One slope direction for large tiles
By incorporating a Fundo Riolito Discreto element, there is only one direction of drainage which, amongst other things, permits and simplifies the use of larger tiles without any disruptive joints.

Also included!
A further highlight is the ability two-sided application of the stainless steel cover. Be it a brushed stainless steel surface or tiles; it's up to the builder to decide.

Very simple to clean
Thanks to the unique tilting mechanism, the drain itself is extremely simple to clean, just as normal.

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