BEYOND teamed up with Super Cape-Abilities to launch a tour of heroism along the coast of Southern India making stops at the Kovalam Surf Club and the Shaka Surf Club. Our workshops transformed 31 Indian surfers into super heros in the context of their own lives and beyond.

The first workshop was facilitated at the Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP). SISP is a grassroots community development center from which the Kovalam Surf Club was setup as an incentive program for the children. SISP kids come from severely impoverished backgrounds and face extreme adversities daily. The group of kids were ecstatic to jump around and leap through the room in their capes. We facilitated the creation of a safe space for the children where participants were not self conscious about what was said or their ideas. SISP is one of the only places in their world which is a secure and comfortable environment for children coming from such circumstances and we wanted this workshop to fully support this energy.

We traveled north up the coast and took Super Cape-Abilities to the Shaka Surf Club outside the university town of Manipal in Karnataka. There we worked with a group of ten surfers from the local village which is sandwiched between a river and the ocean. The kids here come from loving families living humbly around the surf school. Both workshops used the same curriculum but the youth participants reacted and took the workshop forward differently. The children from SISP relished in the safe space that was created. The groms in the Shaka Surf Club took the workshop forward in a lighter and freer spirit.

At Super Cape-abilities headquarters, we believe that every single person on this planet has a super power - that force that transcends time and stands each individual in their element. But to become a super hero, we first need to understand ourselves and our own potential.

Super Cape-abilities aims to have as many people as possible standing in power. Using yoga as our tool we wish to set young people on a Power Evoke mission, just to see the powers they might discover. And of course, every super hero needs a cape. Super Cape-abilities will present each Super Cape-ette with their very own blank canvas of a cape. As they progress on their Power Evoke mission, we invite them to mark each stage on their cape through craft.

Super Cape-abilities hopes that one day, every cape will represent each young person’s journey of becoming a Super Hero.

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