"Particle Waves" is a kinetic sound sculpture comprising of a 4x3 grid of 12 individual kinetic bowls.
Within each bowl contains tiny metal beads of various sizes, creating "noises" as the bowl rotates
in various angles. The noise from a single bowl forms collectively to become a soundscape, reminding us
of waves and oceans.

The bowls are arranged in a 4x3 grid and controlled as a whole by a microcontroller running a wave
algorithm. This creates a continuous wave-like kinetic motion over the grid, at the same time
creating a spatialized soundscape.

This installation is a continuous attempt of exploring the correlation between sound and nature.


12 found bowls, 12 servo motors with gearbox, lead beads,
arduino mega | Running on a wave algorithm that controls
all 12 motors | 2014 Arebyte Gallery, London, UK | Kindly supported by
National Arts Council

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