The goal of the Africa Goal Project is to enable effective communication of target specific and appropriate HIV information, using the FIFA World Cup as a platform for dissemination.

By naturally drawing crowds of those most at risk of HIV infection and groups which have proven the most challenging to reach through more conventional health promotion methods – young people and particularly men – the World Cup provides an unprecedented and invaluable opportunity to raise awareness and disseminate information about HIV and AIDS.

Following the success of the 2006 and 2010 Africa Goal project, the Africa Goal team plans to drive from Kenya along the northern shores of Lake Victoria down to Swaziland, harnessing the opportunity to provide HIV and AIDS information and services to the crowds that gather to see the World Cup matches. Driving through eight African countries, the team’s journey will follow the “AIDS Highway” through Eastern and Southern Africa, where increased mobility and migration in conjunction with rising disposable incomes and the associated escalation of transactional sex along this central transport and trade route were a major contributor to the spread of HIV through the region.

Showing live World Cup matches at border towns, truck stops, fishing villages, and rural outposts, the 2014 Africa Goal Project will partner with community based organisations and, by providing an enabling platform. Before every live game, the team will screen HIV and AIDS awareness videos, selected to ensure that they are both target specific and culturally sensitive. More importantly, Africa Goal will support local partners to maximize the potential of the World Cup as a tool for HIV service provision. In these instances, Africa Goal will take on a facilitating role by drawing the audiences, whilst local service providers will be invited to share their expertise in HIV information dissemination within the specific local context.

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