Time flies so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday when he asked her to be his girlfriend, but it was already four years later, and finally confessed their love for each other in front of God and their family and friends. On the beautiful day of March 15, 2014, Leonard and Ivy exchanged their vows at Casablanca Private Mansion, where the reception also followed afterwards. They arrived from Australia only a few days before this very special day.

This young couple is very much in love and happy. Leonard, just like every man, looks very tough, maybe because of his rockstar image. But when it comes to his girl, you can see his soft side, the way he looks at her and smiles at her, you’ll know how much he loves her. Ivy, on the other hand is a sweet lady, her looks, her smile and her laugh, any guy can easily fall in love with her. They may look or feel differently in so many ways, but their hearts beat as one. Love is just like that, love is magical and special.

Our team has captured precious moments that they will surely treasure forever. And we also believe that the most important thing about the videos that we made is you as a couple. That is why we composed, edited and featured contents that we truly feel reflects you. On the first part of this video, you can feel the side of Ivy on the soft music and on the latter is Leonard’s type of music. That also shows how much we enjoyed being part of this memorable event of their lives. :)

Congratulations Leonard and Ivy on your new life together! Wishing you both a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness. :) By Team Freshminds

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