project made for the #TribecaHacks festival @ CERN / March 2014


Scientist: Yewande Pearse @yewandepearse
Storyteller: Erinma Ochu @erinmaochu
Storyteller: Caroline Ward @noveltyshoe
Blackbox: Peter Lång
Designer: Théo Le Du @cosmografik
Technologist: Steven Melendez @smelendez
Technologist: Philippe Riviere @recifs

Project Description:

You think you know where you’re going, but suddenly, life has other plans. 'The Naughty Gene’ is a multi-platform narrative exploring the hidden stories around an incurable and fatal brain disease, affecting children and young adults. The project is inspired by the real life stories of the families, teachers and nurses who care for the children and the scientists who are searching for a cure.

The Naughty Gene is experienced as an interactive installation in which participants face the difficult decisions of the scientists and the parents. At the end of the live installation, participants receive a printout with the choices they made and the story that ensued.

The aim is that participants leave the experience with a better understanding of the interconnected stories of patients, carers and scientists battling an incurable disease.

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