In Africa, an estimated 92 million girls 5 years old and above have undergone Female Genital Mutilation. This is a violation of human rights.

Today, 90% Massai girls are still mutilated ad married as early as 7.

Governments and NGOs try hard, but too many teenagers continue to be mutilated, be married early, deprived of education, disappear or suffer hemorrhage while birthing.

Community outreach remains the only way to contain the bleeding.

Carole runs a shelter for girls who escape early marriage and mutilation, the victims of the conflict between traditions and human rights. She does what she can to council, nurture and educate these girls, she is frequently attacked by husbands, elders or parents who want the girls back to trade them for cattle or blankets.

Masai women are not helpless nor at the mercy of men, and not all men are just evil.
They both have to be informed on the physical and mental consequences of such practices.
Failing to educate and influence the right people will result on further conflicts between tribes, governments and public opinion, the victims being the girls who are not given the choice to receive education, choose their husband, or avoid genital cutting.

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