Owls & Lions are singer/song-writer/actor Jay Della Valle and singer/violinist/keyboardist Nicole DeLoi. This duo was fated to make musical magic together.
Born and raised in Nebraska, Nicole had a hard-fought upbringing wrought with trial. Throughout the whole ordeal, music was her bastion. It was a flame that couldn’t be squelched and, conversely, wasn’t being “fed” in Nebraska, so; in 2004 she left the small farming community for the bright lights of NYC and took all of her dreams with her.
It was there that she met many great people & made many wonderful friends, at one of whose weddings she had the pleasure of playing violin. At that same wedding there stood a mustached, musical genius named Jay [Della Valle.] After the reception Jay approached Nicole and said “Hey, I have a rock band and we could really use a chick singer/violinist/keyboardist; you interested?” And the rest is history.
For the sake of this bio, we’ll tell you that Nicole accepted the offer to play with Della Valle and had a happy year of rocking out, but; after some soul searching, elected to go her own way. Nicole and Jay kept in touch while developing their own projects and met up one day to play around and there, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, was born “Owls & Lions.” Why the name? Nicole’s had a life-long obsession with owls…their mystery and wisdom coupled with their representation of artistry and creativity in other cultures made them quite relatable. As for lions, well; Jay is the LEO of Leo’s. He’s a take-charge kind of guy that commands your attention when you encounter him…and, interestingly enough, that’s also why he’s such an engaging artist. And the two of them together? A musical match made in heaven.

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