Impossible trip.

Interactive sound installation.

Programing support by Jonas Hansen.

Installation presented in Ars Electronica, 2009 Linz/Austria.

Based on the theory of non-places of the French philosopher Marc Augé and his video "impossible trip", which I related to the experience of being an art curator.

The curatorial exercise is a random journey and represents a trip through a concept, an artistic movement, or personal interest. This trip, as the trips that we realize around the world, are ephemeral, full of experiences that in the short time, achieve only an aroma of the reality and the secrets that every place hides. !An impossible trip!.

I visit 4 places, where randomly I chosen in a street,musician, no matter its quality; I interview them and include in my curatorial work of artists who would shown in the ArsElectronica.

For each musician, I did 4 questions, trying to relate their work to the context of the festival.

What is science at work?

What is the interactivity of the audience with it?

How did you come to this place?

Could play a short piece of music?

When we travel, we go to the icons that lead to representative stories for each site. The Eiffel Tower, the pyramids of Egypt, etc.. We cross the world from one icon to the next icon forcing them to reveal the magic of its history and culture. A trip impossible.

In each place I to bought a snowball (souvenir) that represent these icons. An icon that will lead us to stories of each musician.

In each snowball, I project the answer, and when the people move the balls to see the snow, could navigate through each question, to the point of creating a sound landscape that mix the Linz sounds with Bratislava and the other places.

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