Skydweller is a portrait of London as seen from the top of Cromwell Tower, one of the three residential towers in the Barbican Estate. This film combines over 5,000 photographs taken from the top of the tower with specially composed music by Tom Rosenthal and poetry by Paul Haworth.

Haworth, an artist working in rap, fiction, poetry and performance said "whenever one looks at great cities from high up, it is a beautiful and threatening proposition. Watching this footage, I was fascinated by how wild London appeared. It feels like an entirely economic landscape and yet there is still so much romance in it. Up in the sky, you are always imagining what is going on down there."

With many thanks to the Likierman-Hale family for allowing us to film from their apartment in Cromwell Tower.



this one’s for us
about us there are no official observations
but what about this
in love
first come
those familiar shapes
every day
different or the same
come combat
in love
you are open
coming to life
come banksmen required
what do you do
what do you make
the do make do
make reasons out of
no make-up you
make no mistake
I make it up as I go
I make it up as I go
I make it up
master dominator
cold, light and dark
you are watching Nighthawks
touch touch
take off
it’s like everywhere you go
you come back
come back, Philadelphia
come back, Tallinn
Hong Kong
come back
come back and kiss kiss Lewisham
or in East Ham
where is that
where’d you go
lovers inside
duvet covers
for a couple days
a week tops
the sheds
the roomshares
so what
what’s left
come canvas
in love
you are open
unfinished or out of focus
arts and crafts
a work in progress
to remember your name
my solitude waitress
my acting emperor
billed as infrastructure
to open doors
tender cables
your face lights up
and I’m faithful
to every coconut holder
to draw a moustache
on every statue, bust
incapable of grief
and if there’s surface damage
there’s a surface we’re skimming
to money troubles
those troubles are mine
to troubles in love
painted in lustre
designed as an end elevation
to a finishing touch
what holds you up

Paul Haworth (Lancaster, 1982) is an artist, working in rap, fiction, poetry and performance. He has written three novels, the Silk Handkerchiefs trilogy, published through TRUE TRUE TRUE. He works at the Barbican Centre as a Host.

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