6 people are being held hostage, and are told to "decide" themselves, which 3 will live and which 3 will die.

from the first treatment to the final scored version this was only a 2 and a half month process, that was not possible without everyone listed below. Thank you.

Screenplay: Omid Heidari
AD: Omid Heidari
Sound Engineer: Alec Eagon
Starring: Jack Peter Hawkins
Starring: Kousha Harirchian
Starring: Lino Ortiz
Starring: Brooke Lowry
Starring: Cole Gleason
Starring: Bethanie Russell
Camera 1: Aaron McManus
Camera 2: Charlie Balch
Camera 3: Morgan Funk
Camera 4: Tanner Joyce
Camera 5: Daniel Polk
Camera 6: Kyle Helf
Script Editor: Kirsten Vassie
Film Editor: Alec Eagon
Grip: Eric Yomantas
Script Supervisor: Sam Behymer
Lighting 1: Andrew Hagen
Lighting 2: Chad Behrens
Makeup: Lida Manukyan
Set Design: Blake Franks
Photographer: Alex Curry
Score: Recorded LIVE by members of the Pepperdine University Symphony Orchestra
Composer/Conductor: Tyler Kimmel
Catering: Meredith Ouzounian
Catering: Melissa Ouzounian
Catering: Kristen Voetmann

and thank you to the tons of other people who helped out in a thousand other ways. this was a crazy/sometimes very stressful process that was in no way possible without all of you. Thank you.

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