This video introduces the natural beauty, people, culture, and historic significance of the Iraqi marshes in the Iraqi southeast, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers - a civilization of marsh Arabs dating back continuously over 5,000 years to the Sumerian people. Saddam Hussein's regime drained the marshes in 1993, but they were restored by local people after 2003, only to be threatened again by a large dam now under construction in violation of many regulations on the Tigris River in Turkey. UNESCO has accepted an application to declare the Iraqi marshes a World Heritage Site.

Please take this opportunity to enter an incredible part of the world, meet some its people, and appreciate the threat now looming over this unique treasure of nature and civilization.

To get involved in this effort, and for more information about the Save the Tigris campaign:

Arabic version:

shot and edited by Jonathan Levin
directed by Jonathan Levin and Michael Zweig
produced by the Center for Study of Working Class Life
with support of the SUNY Stony Brook College of Arts and Sciences, Nancy Squires, Dean

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