Here's to the nutty of old Time Lord and to 50 more years of travels in the TARDIS!

I'd been promising to make a Doctor Who fan short for a long time but with the 50th Anniversary looming and like the Doctor's arrival in a time of crisis, the time seemed just right. Now, after weeks of planning, searching for and recoding footage, I finally began work. After working with multiple music tracks, the short only began to pull together when I decided upon Orbital's Somewhere Out There? Part 1 from their brilliant 1996 album, In Sides. After several days, an edit drive bursting at the seems with footage and several thousand edits, the film finally took shape.

No copyright infringement is meant by this fan short. It is a work of passion to celebrate one of science fiction's greatest shows.

Footage © BBC
Music by Orbital
Edited by James FitzRoy

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