Stop Finning Deutschland unterstützte die #NoWASharkCull Bewegung
Besonderen Dank an Veerle R, Roalnd S. und Madison Stewart

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Sent an email direct to Colin Barnett (

Dear Premier Barnett,

I am writing to you to express my opposition to your government's 'bait and kill' policy for sharks in Western Australia.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims of shark attacks, but I believe that scientific evidence does not support the introduction of a 'bait and kill' policy for sharks as a response.

As more than 100 scientists said in a recent open letter to you: "Culling sharks is merely a cosmetic solution to the problem of shark attacks. Public education and shark avoidance are measures with long-lasting effects that will ensure the friendly co-existence of sharks and humans. Non-invasive methods such as aerial patrols have been proven to work in minimising, even further, the small chance of a shark attack."

In this vein, I applaud your government's funding of major shark research projects through the Department of Fisheries, particularly regarding tagging activities along the Western Australian coast.

However, I believe 'bait and kill' could have a severe impact on species already threatened or in decline, yet produce no benefit for ocean-lovers. Please heed the advice of scientists and repeal this policy immediately.

Yours sincerely,

This video is a support to all conservation movements, that try to stop the cull immediately.

Fact File (as at February 16)
- 17 drum lines have been set at metropolitan beach sites – Ocean Reef/Mullaloo, Trigg/Scarborough, Floreat/City Beach, North Cottesloe/Cottesloe, Leighton/Port
- 3 previous drum line sites at Old Dunsborough, Meelup/Castle Rock and Cape Naturaliste, moved after February 10
- Currently there are 20 drum lines at South-West surf spots at Gracetown, Moses Rock and Yallingup
- 66 sharks caught in total; 23 in the South-West and 43 in the metropolitan area
- 63 were tiger sharks, two were mako and one caught was a blacktip shark
- Drum line initiative part of $23million investment in research, monitoring, aerial surveillance, beach enclosures and public education
- For more information about the WA Government’s shark hazard mitigation and research efforts, visit


More Informations:

Stop Finning Germany supporting #NoWASharkCull movement
Special thanks to Veerle R, Roland S. and Madison Stewart

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