Immediately after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster occurred on 3.11 (March 11th, 2011), our lives have changed in many ways. Some people avoid eating seafood from that area, and others keep monitoring radiological dosages on their own. There are even people that deliberately live inside the restricted areas designated by the Japanese government. Due to the diverse attitudes toward the nuclear issues, we have no collective opinions; this “unsettled” state distracts us from finding definite solutions for these problems.
This project, named “unsettled”, is aiming for us to reconsider ourselves through radiation which is the core of these problems. By connecting Geiger counters to daily appliances and letting radiation interfere with their behavior, the appliances themselves will become a representation of the radiation’s characteristics.
Currently this project has three pieces of works. The first work is called “existence”. It may seem as though an ordinary light bulb is illuminating the area. However every time radiation is detected the light suddenly blinks. By having it control light, this work urges us to recognize the existence of radiation. The second work is named “spread”. A camera is controlled by the Geiger counter and the camera releases the shutter whenever the Geiger counter detects radiation. Thus, these photographs are taken not by anyone’s will but by an environmental factor. We have made 5fps time-lapse movies by arranging these photographs. The more frequent radiation is detected, the smoother the movie will be. By seeing these movies, we can notice the subtle differences of the amount of radiation between each locations. The third work, which is named “transitions”, is a still clock that only moves toward the current time when it detects radiation. The hands of the clock move according to the irregularity that is generated from the detection of radiation. It shows the subtle changes of radiation according to the “time transition”.
This project is an indication of how we deal with this "unsettled" state and may also be a reminder of ourself.

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