Portfolio - philipwray.com
Making of - vimeo.com/89787090

This, alongside a dissertation is my final year project studying "Computer Animation" @ Teesside University.

DESCRIPTION - A short, slightly silly live-action short film shot entirely against a green screen, following the biblical story of 'Daniel In The Lion's Den'. Also known as 'Daniel Six'. Daniel is a Babylonian city administrator serving under the reign of King Darius, and is about to be promoted to an even higher position. The other administrators are not happy, so they create a new law that forces Daniel to be thrown into the lion's den. However, they didn't expect an Angel to get involved. This film is technologically designed to be a Nuke compositing exercise, involving large amounts of keying, tracking, paint, roto, colour correction, and CG integration with live-action. The digital set extensions have been built using a combination of Maya/Mental Ray renders and Nuke 3D cards.

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