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If you're a fan of brittle, you'll fall in love with this recipe. The flavor-packed, crunchy bites are utterly addictive... even if you don't have a sweet tooth!

Pan-roasted coriander seeds and black sesame seeds are tossed in a luscious syrup with salted Marcona almonds, then topped with coarse sea salt before the brittle sets. As you bite into the crunchy morsels, the coriander seeds release their exotic aroma -- making this brittle stunningly flavorful.

Now, you might be surprised to find corn syrup in one of my recipes. I'll confess that I only use it to make candies, which is a somewhat rare occasion. But corn syrup is "an effective inhibitor of crystallization," as Harold McGee, my guru when it comes to science in the kitchen, points out. And this is the reason that corn syrup is used for making candies. I have tested this recipe with lemon juice, which is supposed to have the same affect on the undesirable crystals, and it did a good job -- no crystals formed in the syrup. But the texture of the brittle was not at all satisfactory.... That batch ended up in the garbage bin.

Since I don't normally cook with corn syrup, and almost never buy processed food, I think having a little in this recipe is not a mortal sin... I hope you feel the same, and enjoy this marvelously flavorful brittle!

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