Some behind-the-scenes footage taken at Gang Studios in Paris in February 1014 during the recording of my debut EP titled "The Pressure." AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON iTunes ( AND AMAZON (!

The consequence of gathering childhood friends who became incredible musicians and featuring four original songs, The Pressure is my first attempt at sharing the music I have heard in my head for the last forty years. As I took breaks between revisions of my book, The Considered lIfe ( I indulged in marathon music listening sessions in order to clear my brain, playing all the musicians I love, from George Duke and Herbie Hancock to D'Angelo and Robert Glasper. Inspired, I always ended up at the piano myself, where some of those beautiful love stories between jazz and R&B had stuck. Steeped in these melodies and singing about the many ways we humans too often succumb to the influences of others, The Pressure is the beginning of an ode to independence, one I hope you'll enjoy.

And yes, that is my son and yes, he wrote his part after I asked him if he had anything to say about the music we listen to at home... I'm a rather proud papa.


Music is a story
An over told tale
That shows you glory
Glory you can sell

Where do you get music?
From your family? Your friends?
Or do you get it from music
Videos that chime without end?

Music, it can help you express your feelings, or relieve you of pain
It can stop you from going insane!

In the morning I wake up to music
And go to sleep with it
I wonder what would happen if it was done away with

I listen to songs on planes
And long car rides
And would be bored without them
Because they are a part of me

From morning till noon the music goes on, and I hear a wonderful sound and do all but break down

Music is an odd thing,
It can decide wether you laugh or cry it can make you nod your head and tap your feet
It changes the mood of everyone you meet

Is music a sound or is it some long lost dialect of a people long ago that spoke in beautiful tones with voices of silk, they spoke music!

Let's be frank here, maybe music is just that, language...



(Music by Stefan Boublil. Lyrics by Zoel Boublil)
Introduction: Stefan Boublil
Drums: Romain Joutard
Percussions: Adriano DD Ternorio
Bass: Jay Golden Jr.
Piano and Rhodes: Stephane "Pit" Le Navelan
Guitar: Thomas Gromaire
Vocals: Geraldine Etingue and Felicia L'Hadji
Spoken Word: Zoel Boublil

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