3308 Jermantown Road
Denver, CO 61119

This is a preview clip from one of the projections in the second part of my undergrad senior thesis. It is a 2 piece projection, one projection displayed each on a wall, confronting the viewer so that they can experience what it feels like if they had my grandmother's mind when trying to remember. The complete video projections are compiled of 8mm film projections, VHS tapes, pictures, current digital footage, and audio.
Sometimes you need to be able to experience a situation in order to be able to fully understand it. This video and installation show what it's like to be my grandmother, a victim of Alzheimer's, and have her state of mind that she deals with on a daily basis. Through this experience one feels how some memories are stronger and more consistent in the mind, whereas some memories have disappeared and only a glimpse can be remembered.

My own trauma-induced memory loss allows me to have a special connection with her, understanding her experience makes me able to show others how it feels.

Using the values that my grandmother taught me, the memory loss that we both share, and my own tools, it is my way of showing others, as she showed me, that just because something happens to us, beyond our control, it is important for others to understand that the quality of the person remains the same.

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