MAINCER is a company located in the town of Onda province of Castellon in the "ceramic triangle". Our company designs, develops, manufactures and commissions industrial machinery for different industries, mainly ceramics and ceramic frits, glazes and ceramic pigments producers having also carried out several projects for companies in the printing, carton and food fields.

We have wide experience of 25 years in the development of engineering for industries, becoming one of the leaders in that field in Spain. We also carry out the general maintenance of factories, especially in electrics and mechanics, being a service that we are doing from the beginning and in which we're highly qualified.

We're also experts designing and making conveyor lines for several types of product, such as raw and fired tiles, food products, carton, plastics, plaster, glass and so on. For this, we adapt the conveyor lines to the product needs, using belts, straps, fish-scale pattern, chains, etc. MAINCER has a workshop in where we manufacture whatever machining that our projects need, being very important the quality and functionality.

MAINCER is a company highly focused in R+D+i, owning several patents and investing an high percent of our budget in this job.

MAINCER currently employs 25 workers, including workshops and offices. We have highly qualified professionals in each of the fields as electrical, electronics, software programming, mechanical, fluids, chemical, etc.

MAINCER is working with more than 25 countries in which are remarkable Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North of Africa.

In MAINCER the main goal is client satisfaction so we do our best in order to customize all kinds of machinery and engineering, being the customer feedback an important ingredient of our projects, always contrasted and advised by our technicians.

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