MUSIC & FILM By Dean Omori

Dear Syria
Are you alone in the world
Doctors are crying camps brutal and cold
We see you in a poster on a wall
Chemical violation means nothing at all
There’s but death on the road to Damascus once more

Oh Syria

Dear Allah
The human needs saving
In a small town mosque even Jesus is praying
Mankind born of devil and dust
I know sometimes I’m just the shadow of love
Everyday I want to receive you more and more

Oh Allah

Dear Syria
The charities are screaming
The torture and the death toll and the hands up are bleeding
And your soldiers of fortune what are they fighting for
Not the forgotten children in this forgotten war
Is there anyone left with the power to save ‘em all

Oh Syria

Dear Syria
This world is a beautiful kiss
Faith and the faithless are we still all brothers in this
Still quenching our swords in the slaves of men
Its not right its not right when’s it gonna end
I’ve seen us in love throw our arms around the world

Oh Syria

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