I have literally JUST started, so this is very basic and my understanding quite shaky, but even after a day, I'm thrilled to make a simple Push deformer. Its exciting to think that any tool made in Splice can be used in Maya, Softimage, or any other splice enabled DCC.

I'd encourage anyone to learn this, as its not as hard as perhaps I make it look. With my current feeble knowledge, I'm willing to do my best to help anyone keen to learn. Hopefully from this simple start. It will develop into some cool tools over the next few months. If you can do ICE.. this is very similar, but just presented in a different way..
The cool thing is that Fabric seems to be heading toward a more ICE like way of doing things, but I think its great to understand the code behind it, and KL so far, seems MUCH easier to learn than python in XSI..

Apologies in advance to the Fabric team for any potenital misinformation.. I'm hoping that this is doing more good than harm

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