This project began as an alumni relations piece to accompany an introductory tour by Rock Jones, Ohio Wesleyan's new President. He met with me to discuss his goals of showing alumni how the historical strengths of Ohio Wesleyan: public service, great teaching and diversity (the world coming to Ohio Wesleyan) had been broadened by two newer distinctives: substantive international travel and research opportunities (taking Ohio Wesleyan to the world) and long-term practical educational experiences for students on campus through undergraduate research, internships, etc.

So we created a 12-minute motivational piece which accomplished those goals, and it was well-received in the many alumni gatherings that Rock attended across the country. Admissions liked it too, but we all realized that the approach was off-target for a 17-year-old audience. It needed new music, a radically different editorial approach, and a shorter overall length.

Where the alumni piece opened with thoughts of OWU as "home" and showed architectural iconography, incoming students needed to learn quickly about opportunities, diversity, and the kinds of students who come to OWU. So we reedited with those goals in mind, and the piece you see here is the result. It received a national Telly award in 2011.

One of the features I like as the director of this presentation is the contemporary music we selected from I chose artists and tracks that I felt would gain traction with current high school students, and tested them on groups of kids in the target age range. Happily, they agreed with most of my choices and also helped me narrow it down a bit. The artists we used are just now emerging, and I have no doubt but that some of them will be quite popular one day soon.

To see the dramatically different editorial approaches used for the "Rock Tour" video versus this admissions piece, go here:
Fundraising first minute:

Admissions first minute:

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