Upcoming documentary film "Refugee here I am" trailer.
Directed by Enzo Ikah & Eda Elif Tibet
Music by Bob Marley
Soundtrack by Enzo Ikah

Contact info:
Enzo Ikah: enzoikah@gmail.com
Eda Elif Tibet: eliftibetto@gmail.com

Web sites:

Refugee here I am, is a documentary film inspired by the life of a young Congolese musician Enzo Ikah. Exploring Enzo's musical journey in Istanbul the film follows his daily live and struggle, intending to raise awareness on the issues and problems of being a refugee through his music.
The film intends to Advocate for one specific cause; "every person should be able to realize their potentials, make use of their talents and realize their dreams, being a refugee should not prevent the need for exercising one's self and hopes".

Short Bio of Enzo Ikah:

Enzo , fights injustice through his songs dedicated to social causes, freedom of expression and life, human rights, brotherhood, unity and love.Most of his songs are autobiographic and intended to reach the African audiences whom are being suppressed by dictatorships, oppressive regimes, for those who are living lives in danger, fear, destitution and hunger. Enzo says; that he hopes to give "hope" to his people through his songs.
Prior to his asylum request being approved in Turkey; Enzo, was sentenced to ten years in prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for composing and singing an antiwar song while being broadcasted alive on TV. As he sang, against the violent killings committed by of the soldiers in DRC, he was immediately captured and was tortured. He understood, that to save his life, his only option was to run away by bribing the polices. With the first flight he could find he found himself in Istanbul, where he would start an inspiring new journey.

Enzo Ikah, believes peace is the first ingredient and way for human development and there is no better way other then spreading peace through music and art.

Follow more at Facebook page: facebook.com/enzoikah?fref=ts

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