Messenger dog is an informal messaging system for disastered cities.

Soon after a disaster happens, such as an hearthquake, family members and beloved ones could get displaced in the city and in different refugees camps, being not able either to reconnect physically due to the collapsed roads or to phone each other due to the network not working.

In those very first hours of fear and displacement, people may just want to send a message to their beloved ones only saying that they are alive and safe, hoping the same for them as well.

Messanger Dogs can help in recording those messages as video message and delivering them to the refugee camp they are assigned to.

Messanger Dogs wear a particular uniform to identify them, equipped with a device that can record messages, store geolocation of where each message was taken and the time as well. Messanger dogs are trained to sit when in front of a person, so as soon as one of them meets a person, it sits, allowing the accelerometer inside the recording device to trigger the interface software to start. In our prototype we used an IPod running Nada Mobile from Tellart to simulate the device.

The Messanger Dogs are divided into team, assigned to different refugee camp. At the end of their work, they can come back to the camp, where volunteers will download the video and make them available to the people to browse among and watch. In this way people could get to know a familiar is fine before the formal communication would be restored.

This concept was developed by me, Mary and Li during Matt Cottam GUI course at CIID.
The video for this project was developed during Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze and Matt Cottam workshop called "very Short Stories" soon after the concept and graphical interfaces development during a very intense weekend.
Special thanks for the shooting to Timo Arnall and props movements and acting Matt Cottam.

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