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Performance Electro Voice brings together elements of the dynamics, unexpected, interactive and performative art.
Electro Voice performance is remapping and reconfiguring artist body – not in a generic modality but rather in electronic circuitry.
Artist body picks up the electrical noise of the bulb, like an antenna.
The bulb's voltage is controlled by electronic noise. A circuit is established by artist body which is transformed into an interface for electricity, sound and the emission of the bulb.
This approaches creates a moving shadow at the performance scene.
So the artist body controls all the external inputs of energy and transform them into almost complete new sensation that attack our senses.
Electro Voice is a performance and also an installation, a fascinating play of lights and shadows and mixing reality with fiction.

Directed by johnsmith Studios

Film by johnsmith, Rakutaro Ogiwara, Koya Yokoyama, Kanta Mochida, Kenta Ishige


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