Finally, I finished editing.

This is a whole new version of Grappling Dummies, my ersatz video blog chronicling my living and training BJJ in Japan. Bigger, better, longer, more awesome, and with completely legal, Creative Commons licensed music! It's a proper BJJ variety show.

This is the start of what will be a long-running series on BJJ and grappling in Japan. I've got big plans for future content.

Please tweet about it, blog about it, spread the word if you enjoy it!

Featured in this episode:

- Training at Paraestra Hakata, Fukuoka
- Technique from Kenshi Tomari, black belt under Yuki Nakai and Leo Vieira - "Dakko Sweep"
- Visiting a special, business-oriented temple to pray for a prosperous new year
- Training at Tri Force Kojimachi, Tokyo
Two techniques from Ishikawa Yuki, one of the top BJJ competitors in Asia - "Pass against deep half guard" , "Side triangle / kimura"
- Some footage showing all the cool MMA and BJJ shopping you can do in the city where I lived, Fukuoka
- Lots of footage of me getting tooled by some smooth-flippin' Japanese BJJ experts

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