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Another brief test with Magic Lantern Raw video and my T2i. This time I took a day off from riding mammoth to get out and shoot some of the scenery in the greater Mono County. Unfortunately the weather turned out to be extremely windy causing the shots to be unstable even on sticks (mainly due to long lens and the harsh crop factor needed to shoot raw) and so many were thrown out. However, I was able to get afew decent ones despite the challenges and I hope you enjoy the selection.

This will likely be the last Raw test I do with the T2i as the final product does not warrant the lengthy workflow and tedious shooting process. I will be migrating to my 5DMKIII for the rest of my raw shooting needs. Huge props to the team at Magic Lantern for all the hard work they have put into their software allowing us to achieve results far beyond the stock limitations of our cameras. I would also like to thank Chmee and his Raw to CDNG converter, for without it I would have had a much more tedious time working in post. Check out and support his work here:

Abit about the workflow:
Shot on the t2i with the most recent nightly build [v2.3 March] at 1152x482 with a 2.39 aspect ratio, also at 1080p / 24 frames sec selected in the canon menus. This time around I converted the MLV to CDNG's with RAW2CDNG, from there I imported the sequences into Lightroom CC (all 40k frames!) and went about my standard photography editing workflow. I grabbed the first frame from each sequence, edited, then synced the rest in order to "batch grade". This process took alot longer than simply importing the CDNG's into premiere, stringing out and then grading in Speedgrade, however, the results came out better (still shots - not with camera movement shots) and I was able to upscale directly to 1280x536 at export, yielding a cleaner result. This is different than the Premiere upscaling that can be seen in my other raw test where I upscaled by about 14% to fit. After exporting from Lightroom I imported each sequence into Premiere and edited as normal. The color grade did not come out as uniform as I would have liked, but I feel that I was able to push the files much further in Lightroom than I was with Speedgrade during my last raw test. That said, I am still not happy with the results. I am hoping to fix these issues when I do similar test on the faster and more powerful 5DIII. ;)

Previous Raw Test:
Canyon Lake Flavor

I understand DSLR's are not shipped with high resolution Raw recording in mind, but until I can afford an Raw 4k capable camera, I will continue to hack and push the hardware I have.

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